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My life as it is now... - Living Life
One Step at a Time...
My life as it is now...
For those of you who do not know me.. my name is Anne Marie.. I am 26 years old (almost 27.. yikes!).. I am married to David who is 31 years old (double yikes for him :)) I created this web site to share with our family and friends.. and hopefully make a few more friends.. The sole purpose for it is when we have children.. I would love to have a place to post pictures with stories of our adventures... For now it will be our preparation to trying to conceive (TTC).

I have a few health concerns that need to be addressed before we actively conceive. Nothing serious but they DO need to be fixed in order for me to be as healthy as I can be. I will probably talk about a few of them here and there. I am happy to report that ALL my health concerns are being addressed and fixed as we speak. :o) I have 7 different Dr's for all my issues and every single one of them has told me that I should be fixed and good as new by February 2007. So, we have officially named that our actively trying to conceive month.

I originally didn't want to start having kids so soon. But so many things have changed my perspective on my life that everything I thought I wanted has changed. And the importance of my future children have already taken over my life. I am sure David's severe baby fever had some sort of influence on me, but I have always wanted to be a mother so why wait any longer than I have to?! David has been ready for them to have been born 9 months after the wedding! lol

We are so excited that this part of our life is finally getting closer! I find myself becoming impatient for my health to get better. But I realize that this is something VERY important to my body and my children and it needs to be fixed 100% before any of it happens.

I do have some simple goals that I want fixed as well.. Mainly I want to lose more weight. One of my health issues is my Thyroid Disease (hypothyroidism) I have gained weight because of it. Not only does it make you gain weight it also inhibits you to lose any weight. :o( The heaviest I have ever been was on my wedding day May 20, 2005 at 177lbs.. I am currently weighing in at 160lbs (17lbs lost yay!) I lost it without working out.. I think my *fixed* metabolism (read: hormone replacement therapy that I have to be on for life) had something to do with it.. but I have maintained this weight for over six months being inactive and I hope by working out (free weights with brisk walking) that I will be able to reach my **official** ideal PRE PREGNANCY weight of 145lbs! That is 15lbs that I want to lose by February 2007! Sounds simple, but I know its easier said then done.. I will updating this journal with my weight loss accomplishments along with some pictures and health issues until we start trying to conceive.

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